One Reagent for all Tosoh AIA Systems

Tosoh's Unit Dose Test Cup technology provides consistency and interchangeability of reagents for Tosoh's Automated Immunoassay Systems including the AIA-2000, AIA-900 and AIA-360.

• Single, unitized test cups require no pre-mixing, no pre-measuring, no on-board refrigeration and no waste.

• Dry reagent format ensures 90 day calibration stability for most assays.

• Bar-coded for easy test identification and inventory management.

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Common Reagents
The AIA-PACK test cup format works with every Tosoh AIA Automated Immunoassay System. Reagents are interchangeable, so laboratories with more than one Tosoh system can use the same reagents. Transition between systems is seamless, ensuring consistent results and efficient, economical operation for the laboratory.

10 Minute Assays
ST AIA-PACK reagents provide a faster turnaround time due to a 10 minute incubation protocol.

Test Cup Diagram