G8 HPLC Analyzer

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G8 HPLC analyzer: Your choice for HbA1c testing

Fast. Precise. Efficient. Robust.

The Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer utilizes the Ion-Exchange method of HbA1c measurement with less than 2% Coefficient of Variation (CV). Suitable for high throughput HbA1c testing in the laboratory or clinic environment, Tosoh’s HPLC solutions provide a reliable, accurate and precise result. It detects and presumptively identifies commonly occurring hemoglobin variants. With a compact footprint of, the G8 fits easily in most laboratory environments.

Advantages of using Tosoh G8:
• Compact footprint - 21”w x 19”h x 20”d
• 1.6 min/test
• Easy to use
• Monitoring and Diagnosing Diabetes
• Variant detection
• User friendly and low maintenance
• Ability to connect with third-part trackline
• 501RP+ software for enhanced user experience

Ideal for:
• Hospitals
• Core labs
• Physician Office Labs

• G8: >200 tests per month

G8 - 90 Sample Loader model
21(W) x 20(D) x 19(H) inches / 75 lbs
530(W) x 515(D) x 482(H) mm / 34.0 kg

G8 - 290 Sample Loader model
44(W) x 21(D) x 19(H) inches / 114 lbs
1120(W) x 530(D) x 482(H) mm / 51.5 kg

G8 - LA Model
21(W) x 29(D) x 19(H) inches / 79.4 lbs
530 (W) x 723(D) x 482(H) mm / 36.0 kg