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HPLC Testing Review: Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer Reviewed

HPLC Testing Review: Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer Reviewed at Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories. Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories (PDL) is the exclusive provider of HbA1c results at Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara, CA. PDL has used the Tosoh G7 HPLC Analyzer since 2001, and served as a beta-site for the Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer.

According to Cooper Ellsworth, Clinical Chemistry Manager at Pacific Diagnostics Laboratories, “We are not tied to any one manufacturer – we acquire the best instruments for our laboratory’s needs. While we don’t have many abnormal samples concerning hemoglobinopathies, we want to see them when they are present. HPLC is simply the best way to perform A1c testing.”

Regarding the G8, Cooper stated, “The Tosoh G8 is so small we were able to fit it in without having to make any changes to existing workspace. Speed, compact size, reliability – Tosoh’s HPLC instrumentation does not go down. We are running ~150 injections/day and the G8 performs an analysis in 1.6 minutes, so it is quick.” The within run precision performed at PDL yielded a CV of 0.3%. “It sure is hard to top that!”

PDL also liked the upgraded G8 user interface. Lynn Raber, Clinical Laboratory Scientist mentioned, “We like the touch screen and the help menus. The new Home Key is nice because you don’t have to exit out of screens.”

When asked what was the most common complaint with regards to the Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer, Cooper Ellsworth answered, “Hard to believe, but absolutely none!”

The Tosoh G8 HPLC Analyzer features gold standard accuracy by ion-exchange HbA1c with less than 2% CVs. Product highlights include:
• Analysis time in 1.6 minutes.
• Direct determination of stable HbA1c
• Less than 2% CVs
• Simple touch-screen operation
• Compact footprint – 21”h x 20”w x 19”d
• NGSP certified
• Low maintenance
• Flexible tube sizes
• 90 Sample Loader
• Optional 290 Sample Loader available
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