β-thalassemia Testing Post

Beta-thalassemia Testing Video: Switching Modes on G7 HPLC Analyzer

Beta-thalassemia testing video describes process of switching to beta-thalassemia test mode on G7 HPLC Analyzer. The Tosoh G7 Automated HPLC Analyzer has both hemoglobin A1c and beta-thalassemia programs to provide full patient profile. The beta-thalassemia program quantifies hemoglobins F and A2, which are used in screening for beta-thalassemia. In addition, the beta-thalassemia program is used for presumptive identification of hemoglobins S, C and D and for screening for other hemoglobinopathies.

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HPLC is the preferred methodology for hemoglobinopathy screening and since the G7 can be used for both hemoglobin A1c and beta-thalassemia testing, it is 2 instruments in 1! The G7 provides time and labor-savings with primary tube sampling, automated cap piercing and positive sample identification. Most importantly, with less than 2% CVs the G7 offers a high level of both precision and accuracy, and is NGSP-certified.
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