G7 HPLC Analyzer

HbA1c and β-thalassemia
in One Compact Instrument

Tosoh G7 has both HbA1c and β-thalassemia programs
to provide full patient profile.

System Features:
• HbA1c and β-thalassemia in one analyzer
• HbA1c results in 2.2 minutes
• NGSP certified
• Direct determination of stable HbA1c

Ideal for:
• Hospitals
• Core labs
• Physician Office Labs

• G7: >200 tests per month

G7 - 90 Sample Loader Model
21(W) x 22(D) x 19(H) inches / 109 lbs
530(W) x 555(D) x 482(H) mm / 49.5 kg

G7 - 290 Sample Loader Model
44(W) x 22(D) x 19(H) inches / 173 lbs
1120(W) x 565(D) x 482(H) mm / 78.5 kg

Switching Modes:
Switching between the HbA1c and β-thalassemia programs is very easy, simple and fast. Just remove the HbA1c reagents, replace them with the β-thalassemia reagents, and let the instrument do the rest. Once the buffers and column have been changed, the system is automatically primed and is ready to perform analysis within minutes.